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Video can be a very effective PR tool, especially if you want to reach your audience in a dynamic and engaging manner.   I have extensive experience in conceptualising and developing video content for a broad range of clients and industries to achieve pre-determined communication objectives.

I offer the highest quality video production at very competitive prices.  Contact me at grant@grantlaw.com.au to discuss your video requirements.   Here are some videos that I have developed for clients (below:)

Australia's Good Looking Car Reviews

CartTell.tv is an Adelaide-based car review channel that has attracted over 6 million views.  The videos are produced by my videography partner and I assist with scripting, production, marketing and promotion of the channel.

Adrian Cartland

When Adrian Cartland developed an artificial intelligence for the Australian tax industry, he needed a compelling video to demonstrate its proficiency and value to the tax sector.  This video demonstrates how Ailira (Artificially Intelligent Legal Information Resource Assistant) was used by Adrian’s partner Sarah to pass a university tax exam, despite her having no experience as a tax professional.